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Here on our site, we will provide you with all necessary information about yoga events. Here you can find all the numbers you need, likewise the schedule of our exercises and camps. We will inform you about future gathering so you can plan to prepare for a new adventure.

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Whenever you want you are welcome to book online your yoga camp. Our service is one of the most efficient in the world, and we will help you to connect yourself to the entire world. We offer you a great selection of surf and yoga vacations around the world. Find the perfect one for you or your friends to feel the complete rejuvenation of your souls and body.

Jan Edmondson, Managing Partner – DDB Seattle

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I’ve met my wife on one of the yoga camps and now we practice yoga every day together. Our little girl started to practice with us. I can say we are like one small yoga family.



I am almost 40 years old and look a lot younger than my entire generation, all thanks to yoga. I discovered it when I was only 15 years old and never stop. I will recommend it to everyone especially with those who are under the constant stress.










Yoga brought me back to life. When I become a mother I was so desperate, and it was so hard to come back to routine, but thanks to yoga I recover myself and now have more strength to complete my daily duties.

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